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Gin & Tonic

Our proposal of high-quality Gin Tonic paired with a selection of premium Tonic Waters: a full range offer with many renowned Gin brands, like Nikka Coffey, Solo Wild Gin, Monkey 47 and Opihr.

Refined botanicals and exclusive ingredients for a tasteful break!

Hendrick’s and Thomas Henry Tonic Water

Made in Scotland, Hendrick’s Gin is infused with Rose and Cucumber

Nikka Coffey and Fever Tree Tonic Water

Japanese Gin with notes of Citrus, Coconut Milk, Spices and Apricot

Opihr and Fever Tree

Spicy Gin with botanics from Eastern countries

Solo Wild Gin and Fever Tree Tonic Water

Sardinian Gin with hand-picked Juniper Berries

Garden Tiger and Fever Tree Naturally Light Tonic

English Gin with the typical flavor of Sicilian Red Oranges

Gin Mare and Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

The first Mediterranean Gin, flavored with Basil, Thyme, Rosemary and Olive

Monkey 47 and Fever Tree Tonic Water

Intense taste of Pepper and Citrus for one of the worldwide best Gin