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November 28, 2019

T by Oscar Quagliarini: the new cocktail list for Winter 2019

What happens when the world of tea meets the world of mixology?

On one side, the ancient and traditional charm of tea blends. On the other, the art of wisely combining ingredients to create new original drinks.

The meeting of this two worlds gave birth to T, the new cocktail list for winter 2019 by our creative mixologist Oscar Quagliarini, available from Thursday November 28th at Il Bar in Milan.

To create this new list, Oscar Quagliarini has selected for us exclusive tea blends from seven different countries: from Japan to Morocco, through China, Sri Lanka and South Africa. These teas became the main ingredients of all the cocktails on the list, used to infuse the spirits or to create homemade bitters and syrups, then wisely mixed by Oscar Quagliarini with other ingredients to get brand new drinks with a surprising taste.

T by Oscar Quagliarini is then an original journey around the world to discover traditions, flavors and fragrances from faraway places: a journey with ancient charm and a contemporary soul in fourteen drinks.

Are you ready to start this journey with us?

Our journey could only begin in China, the kingdom of teas, with a fine Jasmin Green Tea selected by Oscar to create Il Fiore dei Fiori: a drink with delicate notes and a sweetly intense perfume that wins you over at the first sip.

A delicate blend of Rose Green Tea from Japan is the main ingredient of the exclusive Purple Spritz: a Champagne cocktail whose secret is hidden in the unique taste of homemade bitter.

While Orange and Lavender Black Tea and Lapsang Souchong come straight from Sri Lanka: the two varieties to enjoy in Il Giadino di Peradeniya, the perfect cocktail for those who love intense flavors with smoky notes.

We take a trip also to South Africa to discover the "African red tea”, used in Rooibos 1806: a cocktail with a strong character and a slightly bitter aftertaste, where Rum and Red Vermouth infused with Rooibos stand out.

The stop in Morocco follows the tradition of Moroccan mint tea, revisited into the Marrakech: an intense drink, where you can discover the scent of mint, almond liqueur and homemade spicy bitter.

These are just some of the stops of our journey around the world with T by Oscar Quagliarini: come and embark on this amazing journey to discover your new favorite cocktail!

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