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July 11, 2023

In Palermo, you can travel between past and future with Time Loop

What would happen if we put the great classics of mixology in a time machine to launch them in the future? The answer is in Time Loop, the new cocktail list at IL BAR in Palermo, ideated by our mixologist Luca Scrimenti, who reinterprets some of the most iconic drinks with a contemporary twist.

Be prepared for a time travel in five cocktails and a Limited Edition, that you can taste at IL BAR over the wonderful terraces of Rinascente Palermo Via Roma and in our dehors facing the astonishing Piazza San Domenico.

From Vogue, which revisits the classic Boulevardier with Bitter infused with Red Fruit and Bitter Orange Tincture, to Sir Fizz, that reinterprets the timeless Gin Fizz in a recipe with Gin with Sicilian Sea Salt, Cucumber Cordial, Pernod flavoured Soda and Lime Sherbet.

Ready to get into our time machine?


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