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January 27, 2023

Grimorium, the new cocktail list by Oscar Quagliarini

Tremble, tremble, the witches are back… and they stop at Il Bar.

How many times we have wished to wake up at morning and find a bag full of money next to our bed? And how many times we dream to have that young love back again? With a sip of one of our new cocktails every desire might come true.

From January 26th 2023, Grimorium arrives in our two Milan locations, the brand new Il Bar in Via Mercato and the historical Il Bar in Piazza Duomo on Rinascente terrace. The new cocktail list by our creative mixologist Oscar Quagliarini is a journey to discover, through eight original recipes, the arcane powers of green magic, where plants are able to make prodigious incantations.

Here some anticipations about the cocktails (or potions) of Grimorium!

Grimorium by Oscar Quagliarini - Cocktail Sinapsi

The Gin infused with Walnuts, fruits of the witches’ tree, meets the Campari flavored with Artichoke, the Jasmine Bitter and the Red Vermouth Mousse, for a mix which is able to make your intellect invincible: here you are Sinapsi.

Grimorium by Oscar Quagliarini - Cocktail Onniscienza

If you are looking for the ancient wisdom, so you should order Onniscienza: a single sip of this embracing potion made with Absinthe, Cucumber-sweetened Water and Green Cedar Bitter gives you access to the still unexplored water of knowledge.

Grimorium by Oscar Quagliarini - Cocktail Eclissi

A Fumée Sphere is the Black Moon that plunges into Vodka, White Vermouth, Bergamot Bitter and Black Sesame, seed of lust and hedonistic pleasure. And so, as a curtain that drive two lovers away from the earthly world, the Moon scatters its obscurity and give birth to Eclissi

Ready to realize your arcane desires?

Book now at Il Bar in Via Mercato or at Il Bar in Piazza Duomo and let the magic begins.

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