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December 16, 2021

You by Oscar Quagliarini: our cocktail list for Winter 2021

Maybe you have the eyes of a child enchanted in front of the sea, the wisdom of an ancient oracle, the courage to walk through unknown. Or maybe you are more a peaceful stories’ listener, a seeker of quiet, an overwhelming presence, or an extravagant interpreter of reality.

From 16th December, at Il Bar on the terrace of Rinascente Milano Piazza Duomo, the new cocktail list You by our creative mixologist Oscar Quagliarini is ready to let you dip into human characters’ world. An exploration trip, through nine drinks, between the shades of being and the multitude of ways with which people face life, interprete themselves and write their stories.

Here some indiscretions about the protagonists of this new list in the sign of different facets of human soul!

Il Bar Milano - You by Oscar Quagliarini - Innocenza

If you identify yourself with the sweet, pure and ancestral attitude of Prosecco, that seems to see the world for the first time and wonder at the encounter with Bitter Ceci Mousse, there are no doubts: you are Innocenza.

Il Bar Milano - You by Oscar Quagliarini - Estro

Strong and icy is the heart of Gin, that got itself flooded with the pastel color of Violet Liqueur and the bitter perfume of Grapefruit. If you have no fear to hazard, Estro is waiting for you.

Il Bar Milano - You by Oscar Quagliarini - Eleganza

If you are Eleganza you don’t need any presentation: you already have the refinement of Bulleit Rye Whiskey, that goes arm in arm with the bittersweet of Sugar with Licorice and Tangerine Bitter.

Which cocktail are you?

BOOK NOW and discover these and many other combinations at the Bar Milano!

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