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January 26, 2023

Il Bar in Via Mercato: new opening in Milan

From January 26th 2023, a new star shines in the panorama of mixology in Milan: in the beautiful Brera neighborhood opens its door Il Bar in Via Mercato, cocktail bar and fast casual restaurant that continues the trip of the brand, started in 2007 on the terrace of Rinascente Milano Piazza Duomo.

A minimalist and contemporary design that fits inside the historical architectures of the artistic neighborhood of Milan, which is now home to classics and originals of mixology and to a food offer with an international twist, but always giving a nod to tradition.

Symbol of this new chapter of our story is Grimorium, the cocktail list ideated by the creative mixologist Oscar Quagliarini, that adds to the one with the selection of the mixology classics. Eight recipes inspired to ancient alchemy potions and to green magic, that tell, on one side, the innovative dash of the new location, and, on the other side, a simplicity suggested by the few ingredients that make up the cocktails.

A varied and international food offer, with high quality ingredients, accompanies the drink list and it’s ready to surprise you in every moment of the day.

The lunch menu goes from timeless classics as the Club Sandwich and our special version of Waldorf Salad, to delicious dishes with a contemporary twist, as the Calamaretti from Gragnano with Prawns, Pumpkin Cream, Bisque Sauce, Pumpkin Seeds, and Taggiasche Olives or the Fresh Green Tortelloni with Branzi Cheese and Polenta Taragna, served with Crispy Saffron Polenta, Gorgonzola DOP Sauce and Datterini Tomatoes Confit.

The dinner menu offers the Tapas, ideal to share and whet during the aperitivo, while sipping an Americano o paired with one of the enchanted potions of Grimorium: from the Grilled Vegetable Gyoza to our Mini Chianina Beef Burger and the stainless Fish and Chips.

Impossible, at this point, to not continue the dinner with our Tagliolini Fresh Egg Pasta with Traditional Caviar and end it with an Apple Tarte Tatin or a Cheesecake with Salted Caramel.

Come and discover your new place of the heart in the heart of Brera: BOOK NOW!

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